Our Products

Lasio Keratin

The LASIO® Keratin Treatments have earned a reputation of being the safest and most effective keratin treatments on the market. Our keratin treatments provide frizz free, smooth, silky, shiny hair by repairing damage and replenishing hair with keratin.


TRICHOSYS is a full line of anti hair loss products formulated and made in Japan for men and women.


MBV bringing to you Joanna products, the leader in hair and body cosmetics from Poland

CM Aesthetic

MBV we have the products of the famous English company for anti-aging products based on natural raw materials


Pure glucomannon supporting general well being

The Neauvia Organic

The Neauvia Organic line offers products for filling tissue losses; it guarantees natural look and minimizes the risk of adverse reactions.

Intimate Organic

At Intimate Organics, we know that superior ingredients make superior products. We are committed to making unique, high-quality products made with USDA Board Certified Organic Extracts that are vegan friendly and never tested on animals. Each ingredient is meticulously tested and reviewed by Intertek, the leading international provider of quality and safety testing

Compressions Medical Garments

Design Veronique’s Compression Garment Lines include over 100 styles for women and men. With eight size options, three color choices (black, white, champagne), and zippered or non-zippered styles, we offer the most comprehensive range of compression garments available worldwide.

Arcaya Ampoules

In all products of the arcaya cosmetic brand, we have committed ourselves to providing first-class quality. When developing and manufacturing our products, we work with great care and use only pure biological ingredients.